Sleeve Removal & Installation


MX-13 Series Kit Image

The Complete PACCAR MX-13 Series Kit with Toolbox

Image # Description Part #
1 “EA” Tap & Lube (8oz) 468-9910-08
2 Small Metal Tool Box 467-1950-25
3 Hex T-Handle Wrench for Tube Clamp Assembly 467-1612-03
4 Casting Cleaning Brush (Carbon Steel) 450-6951-02
5 Injector Tube Clamp Assembly 423-6334-40
6 Tap Guide Bushing 423-6331-32
7 Tap 423-6334-14
8 Removal Tool 423-6334-30
9 Drive in Tool 423-6332-10
10 Instruction Manual (not shown) 451-3550-06


Description Part #
PACCAR MX-13 Stainless Steel injector Sleeve with O-Ring 423-6392-05
Permatex (#64000) High Heat Sealant (Sleeve Retainer) 468-9640-00

Components of the Removal Tool

MX-13 Sleeve Removal Tool

Tube Clamp Assembly

MX-13 Tube Clamp Assembly

To install, remove nut and washer from the
bottom and insert down into the old sleeve so that
the threads appear out the other side. Replace the
washer and nut. Hold the nut with a wrench and
use the provided T-handle Allen Wrench down
inside the old sleeve to tighten this clamp
assembly to prevent the old sleeve from turning.

Sleeve Removal

  1. With valves removed, install the injector sleeve tube clamp (423-6334-40) though
    the inside of the sleeve. Install washer and nut onto stud sticking out from face
    of head and tighten with t-handle wrench (467-1312-03).
  2. The injector tube clamp assembly will keep the sleeve from turning while tapping the
MXX-13 tube clamp assembly installation image
  1. Using tap (423-6334-14) and tap guide bushing (423-6331-32), lubricate the tap with
    “EA” Lube (468-9910-08) while tapping the injector sleeve about 3/8” to 1/2” deep.
MX-13 Sleeve Tapping Image
  1. Unbolt and remove the injector sleeve tube clamp assembly.
  1. Insert the assembled sleeve remover (423-6334-30 shown on pg 3.) threaded puller
    screw down into the old sleeve. Thread the puller screw into the sleeve until it grips
    the sleeve tightly with the threads. Then reverse ½ turn to relax the threads allowing
    the sleeve to be much easier to remove from cylinder head and later the tool itself.

With the bushing in place between the puller nut and the face of the casting, and with
the thrust bearing and the two thrust washers between the puller nut and the bushing,
tighten the puller nut. This will pull out the old sleeve from the casting as shown

Sleeve Installation

  1. Use the carbon steel brush (450-6951-02) to clean the inside of the injector sleeve bore being sure to remove the old “O” ring and replace it with a new one, applying clean engine oil when doing so.
  2. Apply a small amount of Permatex (64000) high heat sealant (sleeve retainer) or equivalent to lower nose section of the injector sleeve providing coverage all the way around the nose of the sleeve.
  3. Use the Sleeve Drive-In Tool (423-6332-10) and a hammer to drive the Sleeve to the bottom of the casting. The sound of hammering will change when the sleeve is fully seated.