About Irontite Products Inc.

Irontite Products began in 1952. Casting Crack Detection and Repair using a Cold Repair Process was their initial offerings to Machine Shops of the day.

The process involved removing the cracked fatigued metal and then replacing it with fresh new metal. And finally testing the casting to ensure the casting was now sealed.

It was discovered that many diesel cylinder heads also required replacement of the injector sleeves. So we created a line of Diesel Tooling to facilitate the removal and installation of Injector Sleeves (“Cups”).

And then in the early to mid-1960’s we researched and developed our additives line. At first to help with sealing the injector sleeves and then sealing the entire casting cooling system. A flush was added and lastly a consumer intended stop leak product.

We have continued to improve our products and bring in new items like our new “EA” Lube and other items intended for use with the new Stainless Steel Injector Sleeves.

Our coolant additive products continue to perform very well in today’s vehicles and thousands of customers have found our products to help them postpone or even avoid very costly engine repairs the would have had to do otherwise.